MARS Rover Landing

Yesterday NASA JPL successfully landed their Perseverance rover on the surface of Mars a mere 472 million kms. away from Earth.

This event serves as a momentous achievement in engineering, computer smarts, remote/interplanetary autonomous capabilities.

The successful landing was met with much celebration from just a few of the many individuals involved in the project:

There’s lots of great resources and web content available to the public can share in the experience and envision all the many layers and levels of complexity that went into designing and testing the many systems that made yesterday’s triumph such a momentous achievement.

Here are but a few:

Touchdown! NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Safely Lands on Red Planet

To consider the full scope of capturing and transmitting the following image (the first from Perseverance) is mind boggling.

While the current global pandemic trundles along, it is moments like these that offer a glimpse into the capability and capacity of humans to master and achieve epic undertakings.


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