On the Importance of Civic Addressing


You may think that your house number is not important but you would be wrong to think this.

Civic addressing may seem, at first, to be a rather inconsequential and trivial thing but a closer inspection of its purposes reveal a different story.

Addressing is a quick and easy way to uniquely identify a property location. It is the primary source of locating and wayfinding for emergency and delivery personnel. Having a concise, sequential, established grid pattern to house numbering helps people readily find a home.

In any emergency situation (ambulance, fire, police) time is of the essence. Imagine your house burns down because the fire crew got confused trying to find your property and took a few wrong turns. Those few minutes spent in search of a property are precious moments in an emergency situation.

Many times, in remote, rural areas, and particularly in the island communities, house numbering has, historically, been a self assigned process. This creates a numbering system that is out of sync / non-sequential and, in turn, makes it difficult for people to easily navigate to a location.

Clear, visible, reflective signage (either roadside or on a dwelling) is critical to ensuring a quick, timely response from those seeking out a property.

A good, local resource for address signage is the Comox Valley Lions Club.

The SRD works in conjunction with NI911 to assign house numbering and liaises/shares this information with third party agencies.

If you’d like a civic address for your property or wish to inquire further, contact SRD GIS via email or at (250) 830-6721.


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